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LaRae Bakerink - Mensa ChairIt is my goal to help place the focus of Mensa on the member experience. Every member can and should be an Ambassador for Mensa, and they will if they are having a good time. We should promote pride, not arrogance, in our membership.  Leadership Development is an important member experience that can and should be provided to members so they can grow and flourish, in and out of Mensa.  I believe that we should provide better tools to the local groups, especially electronic tools. It is my hope that we kick start the Technology Committee for the Local Groups to use as a starting point.


Signs of Intelligence

Keep an eye on this spot. I'll try to keep up with my thoughts and ideas for the direction of American Mensa.

8/1/17 - Mensa is family

Many of us recently returned from what was our annual family reunion, the American Mensa Annual Gathering. It is an opportunity to meet old friends and make new friends. It is the opportunity to see our AMC at work and to watch the collaboration between our membership, the leadership, and the staff as we work on upcoming projects. It is the time to laugh and make the impossible happen and see volunteerism at its best. It is the time to avoid the cranky old uncle, and visit and play with the new grandchildren. In other words, it is our family.

It was very exciting to see the new AMC working together for our first time.

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7/1/2017 Leadership is not about power, it is about empowerment

Leadership can be defined in many ways and has a lot of different characteristics. Listening is one that I believe to be the most important. Taking the time to listen, even if you can’t act upon a desired outcome, can change a member’s view of their membership and their ability to make a difference.

I’m writing this as I am between phone calls. They are short telephone interviews with the incoming AMC members to find out where they want to focus their work so we can set committee assignments. One question I’m asking them is “Where is your passion in Mensa?”

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6/30/2017 - Thank you to the Testing Team and Timothy Brooks

It has been my honor and my extreme pleasure to have been a part of the Testing Team for the last 5 years.

I would like to thank the entire Testing Team for their efforts and hard work. They have made working on this team a pleasure. I would like to thank Timothy Brooks and Dr. Frank Lawlis for their help and patience. I also want to say that we are very fortunate that Timothy Brooks has come to Mensa – He has worked with all of us and answered questions with a smile and efficiency and he has certainly put a friendly and professional face to our testing program.

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