Leadership is not about power it is about empowerment

Isn’t that why we are doing this? The AMC members aren’t here for power, glory, or fame, and definitely not for money. We are here because we have a passion for Mensa and its members. That is why I’m listening to them to make sure they have the opportunity to participate where their heart lies and they can make their Mensa better. You will hear me say that a lot, your Mensa, my Mensa, their Mensa, because we each make our Mensa what we want it to be.

In populating the committees with non-AMC members, I’m grateful that there were so many responses to the online survey about volunteering. The experience and professional backgrounds of our members is just amazing and we hope to put as many as possible in a position to make their Mensa what they want. It was heartening to see the new names that want to participate and give their time. But, I took the time to ask if there were people that wanted to volunteer and how they wanted to volunteer. Not everyone is team oriented or long-term goal oriented, some are task oriented and want to work alone on a specific project.

We can all do that for our members, leaders, and leaders-in-training. We start by listening and then providing them with the necessary information, the proper tools to do their jobs, access to training, the opportunity to participate if they so desire, and fun events to attend (We are a social club, after all).

This is where I would like our focus to be for the next two years, engage, empower, and entrust our members and leadership to the best of our abilities. But first, we need to listen.