Mensa is family

We spent a full day before the board meeting to learn about each other and about how the organization works, receiving information on topics from Robert’s Rules to crafting a motion to relationships with Mensa International, the Mensa Foundation, and the National Office staff. I’m grateful to each AMC member and our National Ombudsman for making the time to listen to each other and to learn more about what their job will entail over the next two years. We have such a great variety in style, education, and experience between us that we truly represent American Mensa as a group. We spent a lot of our AG working and that was why you didn’t see many of us during that time. We were working on the family business. 

Instead of the LocSec Summit, we tried something new, we hosted the LocSec luncheon. The AMC had lunch with the LocSecs in attendance at the Annual Gathering, we also included members of the Foundation Board and the National Office staff at every table. This was part of the focus I discussed last month. This was our opportunity to engage and listen to our local leadership so we can make better decisions for the future. It was also an opportunity to thank them for their service as volunteers.

This year we had the debut of the Battle of the SIGs (Special Interest Group) challenge. It was a lot of fun to see what each SIG came up with as a production piece. The GenY SIG won the challenge this year – congratulations! Which SIG will be the winner next year? Make sure you practice your hog calling, watermelon seed spitting, and corn hole for Indianapolis. The best part was watching the SIGs working together on the cross-SIG sandcastle building on the beach. SIGs are another branch of our family that we look forward to seeing every year and throughout the year.

Volunteers were everywhere to be seen during the Annual Gathering. Speaker shepherds, photographers for the t-shirt contest, working registration, the games room, and much more. If it wasn’t for this part of our family, the reunion wouldn’t be the same. All of our volunteers are appreciated but I do need to call out one volunteer in particular. Heather Poirier stepped up to co-chair this Annual Gathering and jumped in to handle whatever needed to be done and I am eternally grateful that she did. Again, this is what family does for each other. They step up when necessary.

We had time to visit, listen to and learn from each other. Another successful family reunion and if you haven’t been, I highly recommend it.